About us

At Giggle and grow preschool we offer a welcoming and engaging learning environment for children ages 2 and 5 years of age which allows them to grow and develop. We offer a safe, nurturing environment in which each individual child is recognised, respected and supported to achieve their full potential through meaningfully experiences.  

We promote learning through childrens play by following their interests and looking for teachable moments where we can extend and embed their learning. We offer a free flow play environment from our hall out to our garden area which supports children who learn best through active movement and the world around them. As we feel that if children are involved in making their own choices’ they become more independent and confident in their learning and development. 

We provide a wide range of activities and play opportunities to satisfy curious minds. We sustain a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere, designed to promote happy, confident children in a stimulating environment where children can learn and develop through praise and encouragement, sensitivity and mutual respect. 

Our staff are experienced in caring and supporting children with a range of additional needs. Please see information on additional information on our local offer section on this site. We are committed to help and support all children grow in an environment that highlights, care, empathy and mutual respect.

Giggle and Grow Preschool prides itself on being warm and welcoming to all children and their families ensuring they feel safe and welcome. We support children to recognise and respect differences between themselves and others by celebrating a wide range of festivals to celebrate our similarities and differences

Additional Educational Needs

We aim to provide equality of opportunity for all members of our group and this includes children with additional educational needs. We are experienced in working in close liaison with professionals across the range of additional needs and we operate in accordance with the government’s Code of Practice on additional educational needs. Please speak to the pre-school manager or your child’s key person if you would like to discuss the group’s capability to meet your own child’s needs.



We believe that communication between staff, management and parents/carers is extremely important. Information about upcoming events within the pre-school are provided through our regular newsletters and notices. We offer the opportunity for parents/carers to discuss their child at one to one meetings with their key person throughout the year. We operate an open door policy if you wish to discuss your child’s progress at any time. Please do not hesitate to offer suggestions as to how we may improve communication or if you have any ideas for further interaction.


As an Ofsted and PSLA registered organisation, we aim to meet the child’s individual needs within the setting and enable them to make maximum progress towards the Early Learning Goals of the EYFS (please see the ‘Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ booklet in your starter pack). More importantly, we believe that our overall aim is to provide a happy and secure environment in which children can develop personally, socially and emotionally, recognising that we are the foundation stone upon which their future education is built. We strive to promote and encourage independence, self-esteem, tolerance and an awareness of other people’s needs to enable children to acquire and share values which enrich their lives and those of others.


Our key values

Provide quality care and education within a safe and stimulating environment.

Ensure that experienced and appropriately trained staff are employed to plan and deliver the curriculum

Meet within the limits of the pre-school, each child’s individual needs.

Promote a working partnership between staff, parents/carers, management and children

Consultation with parents/carers, provide a full, broad, balanced and varied curriculum.

Provide equal opportunities for all children and adults within the pre-school community

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