Learning Journal

We use the TeacherCloud Ltd (a Company registered in England and Wales under company number 06686436) to provide a suite of software called Evidence for Learning.

What is Evidence for Learning?

Evidence for Learning is an online software tool and app which enables us to record and manage information relating to the development and progress of children, young people and adults within our care. It is designed for our staff to manage learning goals and to record teaching and learning notes, as well as other relevant data about our learners’ learning and development. As part of the information recorded, our staff may include photos and videos of the learners engaged in appropriate activities. The photo and video evidence along with the other data recorded can help us to track and support the learner’s progress against their learning goals; facilitating assessment and planning of appropriate teaching and support for our learners. It also provides a way for us to capture and celebrate their progress and achievements from time to time. 

As a result, personal data relating to those learners within our care will be recorded, logged and uploaded to the Evidence for Learning software from time to time.

Parent / Carer Access: We may from time to time provide authorised parents and carers with access to a secure web portal which is part of the Evidence for Learning system, where they can view some of the data our staff have collected about their child, young person or adult, including some of the photos and videos. In some cases, parents and carers may be able to upload their own observations, photos, videos and comments.

Who owns the data and who can access it? 

Giggle and Grow preschool is the sole owner of all data recorded in Evidence for Learning. This includes any information uploaded by parents and carers. TheTeacherCloud processes on our behalf and has access for the purposes of providing their services to us, to anything we upload to the app. theTeacherCloud will never attempt to contact our learners or their parents or carers directly or pass details on to any Lo other party.

Parent / Carer Access: Where we make use of the secure web portal for parents and carers, theTeacherCloud will also have access to your log-in data (your first name, last name and email address only) for the purposes of enabling you to log in to this. Once logged in to the web portal, you will only be able to access information about your child, young person or adult

Please note: You may need to refer to your preschool’s policy on sharing data and providing access to relevant stakeholders – e.g. Local Authority. theTeacherCloud will not do this without the permission of the preschool

Where is the data stored and how will it be kept secure? 

Devices used by Giggle and Grow Preschool to record and upload information are protected by pin-access and are the property of Giggle and Grow preschool. Additionally the Evidence for Learning app has its own password protection (in order to open the app).

Data is transferred securely using industry-standard encryption technologies and protocols (including SSL and HTTPS) to ‘the Cloud’ where it is hosted and stored securely on servers operated by theTeacherCloud (or their appointed third party) which are based within the European Economic Area. No personal data will be transferred outside of the European Economic Area by TheTeacherCloud. It is a UK company and complies with UK Data Protection Legislation including the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 


If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the preschool staff by phone, email or in person immediately.