Parent Partnership

Early childhood education is just the start of your child’s education. Parent participation at the preschool stage has several lifetime benefits, such as establishing the importance of education and developing a network of helpful connections.  Parents who are involved in their child’s education create a connection between the home and preschool. 

You may wonder why your child is not drawing shapes like a friend’s child or speaking as clearly as another. Taking the time to objectively determine where your child stands in their development is key in getting to know and appreciate your child for who they are. Discover their strengths, interests and areas that need refining. If your child is struggling with certain aspects of their education, it is also an ideal time to discuss concerns with your child’s key person.

“Our aim is to support parents as their children’s first and most important educators by involving them in their children’s education and in the full life of our setting. We also aim to support parents in their own continuing education and personal development.”

Parents are as much a part of our Pre-School as their children. It is important for you and your child that you play an active part in this exciting phase of her/his life. You may be able to share a special skill or interest such as music, cooking, dance or even your job. Please feel free to talk to a member of staff and plan a suitable day to come along. Our parent rota (located on the parent’s notice board) is an integral part of our day-to-day running, enabling us to give extra opportunities to the children in our care.

We do not expect you to help in your child’s first term, as this can often be unsettling but once she/he is more confident, in the second half-term and beyond, please feel free to put your name down on the parent-helper rota, for a session of your choice. (Please note: that due to insurance/Ofsted restrictions we are unable to accept siblings into the setting when you are helping). Remember that grandparents and child minders are welcome to help too. When you help, your child may want to stay close for much of the time, but this is quite natural behaviour for a child who feels they have to share you with all the others.